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Improve your website and video performance with Bolt-CDN


Unlimited DDoS Protection, SSL for SaaS Cloudbased WAF Service


Global CDN(Contents Delivery Network) Optimization of outbount content Locating content on the shortest path from website users


24 x 7 x 365 support Dedicated management Reliable technical consultation




SSL for SaaS

Secure customer data across all custom domains

One-click setup in minutes and fully managed SSL/TLS

Reduce application loading times by 2x or more

Reduce application loading times by 2x or more


Global Any Cast Network


24x7x365 support enterprise service includes 24/7/365 phone and email support, and access to a shared ticketing system.

Dedicated account management and customized set-up consultation Every Enterprise customer receives a dedicated account manager for onboarding and ongoing service management

Escalation path including experts on your team Our team of network, systems and security experts are on hand to diagnose and resolve your most serious issues

Access to raw logs Enterprise customers have access to raw logs to conduct further data analysis of traffic


Static content caching. cache based on your traffic Use Page Rules to customize on a page-by-page basis single file purge when you need to refresh your content quickly.

Wide range of front-end optimizations one-click features to perform a wide range of content optimizations from removing unnecessary characters from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to reducing the number of connections needed to serve 3rd party widgets (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, ad servers, etc)

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All time support

We guarantee you a 24/7/365 by email and emergency phone support hotline if you have a problem with the installation or with the service.

A quality technical assist

To get assistance in the optimization, in the technical part of the CDN, our company give you recognized solutions and our competent engineers.

Your network in priority

We placed your assets on dedicated IP ranges, by providing prioritized routing and secure your network with a maximum speed and highest capacity.

A role-based access

You will be able to put an access level for your organization. Every user will have different permissions levels, with individual API, and a security to login in 2 times.