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Technical Support

How long have you been in the market?

Ehost IDC has been offering hosting services since 2004.

Where are your Data Centers located?

Our Data Centers are located in South Korea (Seoul), Japan(Tokyo, Sendai, Hong Kong, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Russia (Moscow)

Are you a reseller?

We are not resellers of our services in Korea and Japan.

How can I pay for the servers?

By default all payments are done through Paypal, however you can apply to our Sales Team to make payments via credit card.

Do you offer discounts for advance payments?

Yes, we do offer discounts for advance payments in Reseller.

Do you offer a Control Panel?

We do not provide control to the servers, but customers can check the status of their servers in the client area.

What happens if I don’t renew the server?

Your server will be suspended and terminated 3 (three) days after unpaid invoice’s due date.

If I cancel my server, will I get a refund?

Yes, but only in the situation when we cannot deliver the server with the ordered specification.

Do you have any affiliate programs?

Yes, we have affiliate programs for our resellers

Do you sell domains?

Yes, we are officially certified local vendor of *.kr domains.

What is the advantage of server hosting in Korea or Japan?

The advantage of server hosting in Korea and Japan is a relatively fast support as well as a fast direct connection with low latency to any other Asian countries especially to China. To host in Korea or Japan, you d

What brand of servers do you have?

Ehost IDC provides only the utmost quality of Dell and Supermicro servers.

What OS do you install?

We install latest versions of Windows and Linux depending on customer’s requests

Can I get a custom configuration of my server?

Yes, please contact our Sales Team to receive a quotation for a custom configuration of your server.

How long does it take for my server to be ready?

The servers will be installed within 4 hours after an order is placed. A ticket notifying you of the server information will be sent to you by our support team.

Can my server be upgraded afterwards?

Yes, server upgrades are available through your client area at an extra cost.

Do you offer DDOS protection?

Yes we offer paid DDOS protection.

Will you inform me about DDOS attack?

Yes, we will send you this information to your e-mail as soon as possible.

What do you do when DDOS attacks my server?

We will null route your server's IP for 24 hours (if it is 1st attack) or 72 hours (if it is 2nd attack). We will terminate your server after 3rd attack if you don't buy the DDOS protection.

Do you unblock IP automatically after DDOS attack?

No, once the IP is null-routed, you have got to send us a ticket with request to unblock relevant IP (after 24 / 72 hours after DDOS 1st / 2nd attack)

Can I send you my own equipment to install?

We accept equipment for clients in South Korea and Japan that would like to host their equipment within our data centers respectively, however, for clients outside Korea and Japan we do advise you to buy our equipme

Do you allow adult content on your servers?

We allow adult content only on our servers in Japan.

Do you allow spam on your servers?

We do not allow spam on our servers. The customers sending spam through our servers are risking the termination of the server, without any refund.

How do you deal with the information about the DMCA claims?

Information about the DMCA claim and its details are forwarded to our customers. We will terminate the server upon the request of local authorities, if necessary.

How can I test the server before the purchase?

You can simply do it by according to the procedure in Speed Test page.

Who are your bandwidth providers?

Our main bandwidth providers are Korea Telecom, LG (Korea), NTT, Softbank (Japan), Telecom Malaysia (Malaysia), Cirex (Russia).

What is the capacity of your backbone connection?

Our backbone connection is 10 Gbit.

What is the port speed of your servers?

Our servers are connected to a 1 Gbit port.

Do you monitor my bandwidth usage?

Yes, we perform standard MRTG tracking at your server's switch port level.

What is your data rate unit to calculate my bandwidth?

We calculate the bandwidth in Mbps according to the average score of the daily highest spikes.

How exactly is my bandwidth calculated?

Please refer here for a detailed bandwidth calculation.

What will happen when i exceed my bandwidth limit?

If the calculation results show that you use much more bandwidth than your contractual bandwidth, we will cap your server to your contractual bandwidth.

How much will I be charged if I exceed my bandwidth limit?

You will not be charged automatically, but you will be advised to pay overages (1 Mbps - $7) bandwidth.

When should I upgrade my bandwidth?

You can upgrade your bandwidth in the client area when your usage exceeds you committed bandwidth.

Can I cap my bandwidth on request?

Yes, your bandwidth can be capped at any time upon request.

What kind of free services do you offer?

We offer a variety (10) of free services that can be accessed here.

Do you provide 24/7/365 Support?

Yes, we provide technical support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in our client area.

Is your support team located in the data center?

Yes, our support team office is located within the data center premises, you can therefore count on our fast response and resolution timelines in case of serious server failure.

How do you manage my servers?

By default we manage your servers by offering free setup, rebooting, OS re-installation and provision of IPMI. If you want to have your server fully managed please check our full management offer.

Do you offer backup services?

Yes, we do. Please ask our Sales Team for more details.

Will you notify me incase of any outages?

Notification of outages are sent by our Support Team within the shortest time possible.

What kind of PHP, MySQL and Apache do you provide?

We offer a YUM package with PHP 5.4.45 (cli), MySQL Ver. 14.14 (Distrib. 5.5.48) and Apache 2.2.15.

Can you setup rDNS?

Yes, We setup rDNS for the domains provided by you.

How can I contact support team?

Please send them a ticket through our client area.

What languages do you provide technical support?

Our technical support is provided both in English and Korean.

Can you announce my own IPs in your data center?

Yes, we can announce your IPs via static routing or BGP depending on the location of the data center.

Do you have your own ASN (Autonomous System Number)?

Yes, our it is AS45382.