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Ehost IDC - Who are we?

Ehost Internet Data Center (Ehost IDC) was established in October 2004 as a professional server hosting company.
We provide our server hosting services in all significant Data Centers (DC) in South Korea (KIDC Gasan DC, KT ICC Mokdong DC,
along with others), Japan (Tokyo Softbank Yahoo DC), Hong Kong (Billion Center HKTM DC), Malaysia (AIMS DC), and Russia (Data Pro Moscow).
Our professional engineers know exactly how to support the customers with the most complex infrastructure,
management and security consulting to ensure and maintain excellent service stability.


  • Challenge

  • Innovation

  • Creation


  • 2020

    ·Attraction of SOLIS AI Datacenter operation project in Naepo, Chungnam

  • 2019

    ·Legal AI Intellectual Cooperation Project Start

    ·Start of AI dedicated hosting business

    ·Establishment of EhostUSA (Fairfax County, Virginia)

    ·Launching of AI hosting business

  • 2018

    ·Opening of IDC PoP in Singapore

    ·Opening of IDC PoP in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand

    ·Acquisition Korea Information & Communication Contractor License

    ·Opening of IDC PoP in Poland (+30 Overseas)

    ·Establishment of alliance with KT G Cloud

    ·Start of 2nd own IDC construction in Gasan Digital Center (Seoul)

    ·Establishment of BGP link and IX services between its ISP in Seoul

    ·Change of the name to EhostICT

  • 2017

    ·Opening of direct connection China Unicom in Gasan Digital Center

    ·Opening of IDC PoP in USA

    ·Construction of its own professional IDC in Gasan Digital Center (Seoul)

    ·Opening of IDC PoP in Russia, Japan(Akita), Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia

  • 2015

    ·Launching of public cloud services

    ·Launching of proxy anti-DDOS protection

    ·Opening of IDC services in Russia (Moscow – Data Pro DC)

    ·Opening of IDC PoP in Netherlands

    ·Launching of open platform for Ministry of Land and Transport

    ·Reaching of overseas sales on 1 Million USD

    ·Moving Headquarters’Office to IT Lotte Castle Bld. in Seoul (Geumcheon-gu)

    ·Establishment of IDC PoP in Japan (Tokyo, Ariake DC)

  • 2013

    ·Launching of domestic cloud services

    ·Launching of DB and WEB security products

    ·Establishment of IDC PoP in Hong Kong

    ·Start of IDC services in Japan (NTT – Sendai, Tokyo – Softbank)

    ·Opening of DDOS protection zone for South Korea, Japan and USA

    ·Construction of LG CNS Gasan Digital Center (Seoul)

    ·Establishment of dedicated 10 Gbps connection service via Korea Telecom

  • 2009

    ·Starting of VPN, UTM and web server security services

    ·Being officially assigned as ISP by Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA)

    ·Affiliated with cloud solution business

    ·Establishment of alliance for services of China Net (China)

  • 2005

    ·Starting of Integrated SI services

    ·Establishment of Ehost IDC’s Enterprise Institute

    ·Establishment of connection partnership with Sejeong Telecom (EPN) and KINX·Started IDC services

  • 2004

    ·Establishment of EhostIDC